5 important aspects of purchasing athletic team wear, a buyers guide to men’s basketball warm-ups.

If you are looking for athletic wear, specifically men’s basketball warm-ups there are a few things worth considering.   In order to make your men’s or high school basketball team look good, this article will provide a few key shopping tips to guide your purchase.

  1. First think about color. Are you looking for a solid color or would you like a colorblock style of warm ups to show both your team or school colors. Keep the colors complimentary to your basketball uniform.
    Sport-Tek JST61 Piped Colorblock Wind Jacket Graphite Grey/Purple/White

    Sport-Tek Piped Colorblock Wind Jacket Style JST61

  1. Next think about function. Athletic team wear can have some nice technologies like moisture wicking, breathability, wind and water resistance. Maybe you would like something light weight. Purchasing a jacket that has a chin guard to eliminate skin irritation is a nice feature.
  1. Style is always an important factor to keep your team looking sharp for the game. Let me help by defining a few fashion terms relating to men’s basketball team warm-ups.
  1. Material

Both the basketball warm up pant and the warm up jacket are usually made from polyester.  Some include a mesh lining for comfort.

  1. Price
Charles River Apparel Style 9984 Men's Olympian Jacket

Charles River Olympian Jacket Style 9984 with Pant Style 9985

Most warm ups retail between $60 for Sport-Tek and $90 for Charles River Apparel.  However, at SweatshirtStation.com we are always willing to give bulk discounts to customers who purchase for the whole team.  This will prevent you from paying full price yet give your team the great look they deserve.  With our typical team discount you can get a set of a jacket and a pant will cost starting less than $50. With such a small variation on price, make sure that you get the correct style, color combination and added features you would like to get your team looking good.

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In summary men’s warm ups for basketball are an expression of a team though color and style.  Your basketball jerseys will thank you for not exposing them to the cold winter basketball season.  Take advantage of bulk order discounts from SweatshirtStation.com to get the very best price.