Russell Athletic

Russell Athletic literally invented the sweatshirt. There are lots of other great things that we like about Russell. Here’s what you need to know about the Russell Athletic brand, which provides with some of our most innovative and popular team sports uniforms.

Russell Athletic is a well-known brand for clothing and other textiles. It was founded in 1902 in Alabama, and has been making team uniforms for popular American sports for over 100 years, including:

  • American football
  • baseball
  • softball
  • volleyball

Russell Athletic’s founder, Benjamin Russell, Jr., was a football player. He invented what we now know as the sweatshirt as a more comfortable version of the scratch wool uniforms used by football teams in the 1920s.

Over the course of its history, Russell Athletic has provided uniforms for and sponsored sports teams at various levels of competition, including teams in high school, college, and professional teams.

Russell Athletic partnered with Augusta Sportswear, another of our favorite clothing brands, to manufacture team uniforms that have now become part of the Augusta Sportswear catalog. is proud to be associated with the Russell Athletic brand, and we’re pretty sure you’ll love


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