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Charles River Apparel: Embroidery has worked with Charles River Apparel for years to coordinate and facilitate the decorative embroidery of their apparel – jackets and other clothing items – for multitudes of businesses, organizations, teams, groups, and individuals across the country. Charles River Apparel has a complete Decoration Department dedicated to providing its customers with the highest quality […]

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DO you need a rain jacket in Yellowstone National Park?

Do you need a rain jacket in Yellowstone National Park?

Every year millions of people visit the world’s first national park, Yellowstone National Park. Located in the of the Northwest region of the United States and shared by three states (Wyoming 96%, Montana 3% and Idaho 1% of the park) Yellowstone has amazing mountains and valleys, beautiful streams filled with fish and an abundance of […]

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Custom Form

How to Personalize Your Charles River Apparel

Applying your logo or statement to a high-quality piece of apparel is an art and an effective marketing strategy in your arsenal to let others know of your business, organization, team, or cause, as well as helping to create a sense of unity and camaraderie among members. Sweatshirt Station works directly with Charles River Apparel […]

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How to Properly Wash Charles River Apparel Rain Jackets

How to Wash Charles River Apparel Rain Jackets

My three kids LOVE to play outside when it rains, especially my little 2-year old girl. However, when it rains, keeping them out of the mud is nearly impossible. On our most recent trip to Teton National Park, my youngest daughter got some dirt on the outer material (Polyurethane), sown seams and inner material (Polyester […]

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Difference between a jacket and a coat

What is the Difference Between a Jacket and a Coat?

Human apparel has a diversity of origins and style differences and with that diversity and style differences comes a variety of nomenclature that can cause confusion and even cross-naming of some articles of clothing. For example, some sites will in part define a jacket as an outerwear garment that “extends to the level of the […]

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