Charles River Adult Portsmouth Jacket (9720) Overview

Charles River Adult Portsmouth Jacket (9720) Overview

Charles River Jacket 9720The jacket, from its earliest origins, was designed to provide the body with warmth and protection and in some cases additional art was added to the design to represent a group of people or have a unique meaning to the group or individual. The design of a jacket is intended to offer protection against mild environmental elements as opposed to the coat that is designed to provide protection against more severe temperature and environmental forces. For this purpose, the jacket is constructed to cover the neck (and head if a hood is included), the body to the waist, and the arms with sleeves.

The Charles River Adult Portsmouth Jacket is a versatile lightweight outerwear garment that fully zips up the front for easy donning application by the wearer. Its stylish look, its durability of design, and its sportiness in use means this jacket delivers on protection and performance, functionality, and fashion.  Charles River’s ability to custom design almost any decoration feature to the jacket that you may desire, makes this jacket extremely popular with organizations, teams and other entities wanting to provide their members with comfort and style while projecting a unity and camaraderie of the group.

Protection & Performance factors of the Charles River Adult Portsmouth Jacket

  1. Constructed from wind and water-resistant 100% Softex™ Polyester to provide protection on those rainy or chilly days to keep you dry and comfortable when on the go.
  2. The entire jacket is lined with lightweight and breathable oxford gray jersey knit lining for comfort, softness, and warmth for those days with a breeze and chill in the air.
  3. The front full-length zipper extends above the neck so it can be zipped up higher to provide the neck extra protection against the wind, cold, and even the sun for sensitive skin. The blood vessels of the neck area are large and located near the body surface, so protecting them against the elements helps maintain body temperature by protecting against heat loss from convection.
  4. The hooded full zip design of the jacket comes with reflective, easy grab zipper pull details.
  5. An adjustable shockcord drawstring allows the wearer to customize the amount of closure around their head and face to combat the level of environmental factors that may be present on any given day.

Charles River Adult Portsmouth Jacket (9720) For Sale

Functionality factors of the Charles River Adult Portsmouth Jacket

  1. The jacket, because of its lightweight construction materials, packs down conveniently small for more convenient storage and travel.
  2. Size availability ranges from small (S) to 5 extra-large (5XL).
  3. Elasticized cuffs for a snug fit to keep the sleeve extended the length of the arm, or if desired pulled up and maintained at a different desired level on the forearm.
  4. An adjustable shockcord hem drawstring allows the wearer to cinch the waist level hem to your own satisfaction.
  5. Covered zippered side pockets offer additional protection from rain, and an anatomically effective location allows you to place your hands for comfort and style.

Charles River Adult Portsmouth Jacket (9720) Size Chart

Fashion factors of the Charles River Adult Portsmouth Jacket

  1. Covered zippered side pockets, while providing a definite functionality for comfort of hand placement, allow the wearer to place their hands in a controlled position to display a sense of confidence and casualness.
  2. The jacket is available in the following colors. They are
  • Royal Blue (070)
  • Maroon (030)
  • Navy (040)
  • Black (010)
  • Forest (020)
  • Red (060)
  • Purple (050)
  1. The Adult Portsmouth Jacket coordinates with the Rival Pant (9657), Men’s TeamPro Pant (9958), and Women’s TeamPro Pant (5958).
  2. This jacket also coordinates with the Youth version (8720) for family theme and unity.

Charles River Apparel Adult Portsmouth Jacket 9720

Decoration options for the Charles River Adult Portsmouth Jacket

There are three decoration options for personalizing the Adult Portsmouth Jacket; heat transfer, embroidery, and screen print.

  • Heat transfer: Using the Charles River “PerfectSeal” technology on the nylon fabric of the Classic Pullover Jacket ensures that logos/artwork pop with detailed imagery and vibrant colors.
  • Embroidery: The process of embroidery brings versatility to the decorative goals of having a logo or artwork stand out bold or subtle while increasing the value of the jacket. With literally hundreds of color rich threads to choose from, any design is delivered with high-quality appearance. The Embroidery Stow-Away (ESA) system allows for easy decorating access. The embroidery technique allows for a vast array of color schemes and combinations with their decoration services.
  • Screen Print: State of the art inks and multicolor screen and distressed screen-printing techniques allow your logo or design to be vibrantly and qualitatively applied to the jacket for high-quality visual effects and performance in durability.

The PerfectSeal heat transfer minimums are 24 pieces per logo, and the Embroidery and Screen-printing minimums are 12 pieces per logo.


What are some of the more common types of organizations or entities that choose the Charles River   Adult Portsmouth Jacket?

  1. Family reunions
  2. Sports teams – high school, junior high school, community teams, recreation, club, etc.
  3. Spirit teams
  4. Non-profits
  5. Businesses – large and small
  6. Solo purchases


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