Charles River Apparel: Embroidery

CRA has worked with Charles River Apparel for years to coordinate and facilitate the decorative embroidery of their apparel – jackets and other clothing items – for multitudes of businesses, organizations, teams, groups, and individuals across the country. Charles River Apparel has a complete Decoration Department dedicated to providing its customers with the highest quality decoration to the highest quality apparel. The most versatile and popular decoration method is embroidery.

What is Apparel Embroidery?

Apparel embroidery is the art and craft of using a needle to apply decorative stitching of different types and colors of thread to an article of clothing in a manner that creates a rich and raised textured design that provides a bold and highly visible image.

What is the Purpose of Embroidery?

The embroidery image – a logo, icon, statement, name, or decoration – that is embroidered to the piece of clothing is intended to provide a striking and eye-catching identifier. The identifier is used to market, advertise, or represent your business, organization, team, group, or even yourself for others to see. Sometimes it is intended to help create a sense of unity and belonging among members of the respective entities.

What Apparel is Embroidery Ideal for?

  • Jackets
  • Sweatshirts
  • Pullovers
  • Layering pieces
  • Polo shirts
  • Parkas
  • Outerwear
  • Hats, Beanies, Visors
  • Other (backpacks and bags)

Why You Should Consider Charles River Apparel for Your Decorative Embroidery Needs?

Charles River Apparel has been providing decorative services to its customers for several years and has developed the highest quality decoration processes that are delivered via the highest quality standards of customer service. Embroidery is the most popular and most versatile technique offered for apparel decoration; able to be applied to the greatest number of fabrics and types of apparel. This means that the Charles River Apparel Decoration Department can provide its customers with the highest quality embroidery decorations to its own highest quality and broad diversity of apparel.

What Do You Need to Know About Getting Charles River Apparel Embroidered with Your Logo?

Once you have chosen the clothing apparel items and number to be purchased, it is important to understand certain embroidery requirements and provide specific information to move forward with your decorative embroidery. These are:

  • Minimum Quantity Order: There is an embroidery minimum of 12 pieces per logo. Orders less than 12 pieces will incur an additional fee.
  • Logo Digitization: You will need to submit your logo in any computerized format (e.g. JPG, PDF, EPS, AI) and we will digitize it to the highest quality standards in a DST file.
  • If you already have your logo digitized, you can email it to us and avoid the setup fee. However, your logo must be in a DST format. Acceptable embroidery files include Tajima, Barudan and Melco digitized embroidery files. We recommend you include a JPEG file along with the digitized file. Charles River is not responsible for the embroidery quality of customer supplied DST files. 
  • PMS Color Match: There are hundreds of rich color threads from which to choose. This ensures that any design will be delivered with the highest-quality color and contrasting color schemes. You will need to provide the thread colors or PMS colors for the highest quality match.

What is the Cost of Embroidery?

The final total cost depends on the number of stitches in your artwork and the quantity of apparel items embroidered. The chart below provides those and other details.


*Stitch Count Qty 12-35 Qty 36-95 Qty 96-287 Qty 288-599**
7,000 $3.50 $3.20 $2.90 $2.60
8,000 $3.80 $3.50 $3.20 $2.90
9,000 $4.10 $3.80 $3.50 $3.20
10,000 $4.40 $4.10 $3.80 $3.50
11,000 $4.70 $4.40 $4.10 $3.80
12,000 $5.00 $4.70 $4.40 $4.10
13,000 $5.30 $5.00 $4.70 $4.40
14,000 $5.60 $5.30 $5.00 $4.70
15,000 $5.90 $5.60 $5.30 $5.00
* Stitch Count 1-7,000 are the same price
**Quantity over 600 – call for a quoteOrders of less than 12 are subject to a $50 less than minimum fee, plus $8.95 each (up to 7,000 stitches)DIGITIZING SERVICES: Orders less than 36 pieces:

  • Up to 30,000 stitches are $8.00 per thousand stitches
  • Over 30,000 stitches must be quoted
  • Free digitalizing on orders of 36 pieces or more
  • No tape charges on reorders
  • A $15 fee will be added for each thread color change request

Embroidery Personalization Pricing – No Digitization/Tape Charge

Quantities per Logo – Name/Title/Individual All Quantities
Personalization: One word or number only (such as first name) $4.75 Each
Personalization: One additional word $1.00 Each
Customer Must provide font, color, size and location
Text cannot exceed 4″ wide
Character Length per line depends on the font size.

women's most Popular jacket for embroidery

What Else Should You Know About Embroidery?

  • Virtual Sample and Virtual Proof:
    • We can provide you with a virtual digital sample of how your logo will look on the apparel item of your choosing. It gives you an idea, not a production proof, of what your logo will look like in the selected area of the apparel item.
    • Once your PO is received, we generate a virtual proof that details the colors, art size, placement and additional details.
  • Free Quote: We can provide you with a free quote of the total cost after receiving your logo artwork and order quantity.
  • Logo Modifications: We can work with you to modify the original size and colors of your logo. We can also include extra lettering lines.
  • Turnaround Time: Turnaround time is 7-10 business days after your order has been officially submitted. We can work with you on rush orders and other specifics.
  • Mixes: You can mix Charles River Apparel styles, sizes, and colors in your decoration needs.

How Do You Get Started?

To get the process started for product purchase and decoration of your selected items, contact us at 385-200-1919, or you can email us at