Charles River Apparel Men’s Lithium Quilted Jacket (9540) – Personal Review

Charles River Apparel 9540I spend a lot of time in the outdoors camping, hiking, fishing and of course exploring. When you’re in the backcountry wilderness, it’s extremely important that you are warm and dry. Every adventurer needs an outdoor jacket like this one! – The Lithium Quilted Jacket is a great jacket to have on your next adventure!

Made from 100% Polyester Dobby Shell that’s insulated and rated for 3˚ F active weather making it ideal for colder weather and outdoor activities. In fact, I recently went to Island Park, Idaho fishing in some extremely cold weather and used this jacket under my New Englander Rain Jacket. I was plenty warm but didn’t sweat at all. You can read more about this cold adventure and the New Englander Rain Jacket in my other article by clicking HERE.

Even if you are not into the outdoors like I am, this jacket is a great jacket to have with you regardless of where you go. This past week I have used it every day as my go-to jacket in the mornings when I drop off my oldest daughter to school or when my wife and I took the kids to our local trampoline factory (indoor trampoline center) because the weather was too cold to play outside.

The jacket is extremely light-weight and comfortable. The hand pockets are designed a little larger than other jackets I have which is extremely nice when you need to keep your hands warm but still have your keys or phone in your pocket.

The added chest zipper on the right chest side is large enough to hold a cell phone or wallet. Each of the pockets are designed with zippers to prevent things from falling out. I’ve also noticed that my arms are not restricted to movement when playing with my kids in the yard.

While I’m sure I will use my heavy-duty Parka coat when the weather gets colder and the snow falls, but until then, the Men’s Lithium Quilted Jacket is my favorite one to grab.

I recently used this jacket as my undercoat on a recent fishing trip which you can read HERE.

The Men’s Lithium Quilted Jacket is available in only two colors, Black/Grey and Navy/Grey and can be purchased in sizes Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL and 3XL.

Charles River Men’s Lithium Quilted Jacket (9540) For Sale

Key Features of the Men’s Lithium Quilted Jacket
A few key details of this jacket that make it a great adventure and all around high quality jacket are listed below.

Heavy Duty Zipper: The Zipper on the jacket is high quality, durable and has a steel appearance- regardless of the jacket color.

Chest Pocket: The upper right chest pocket has a small pocket that is designed to hold a cell phone or wallet. The zipper is made of the same high-quality design as the main zipper on the jacket.

Quality Pockets: I have a habit of putting my car keys in my jacket pocket and not my pants pocket. With the zippered covered pockets, I don’t have to worry about losing my keys when I’m getting in and out of the car. Additionally, the pockets are larger than the standard jacket pocket and allow me to have my hands in the pocket at the same time as my keys or other items.

2-in-1 jacket: Unlike other jackets, the Lithium Quilted Jacket can be paired with the Radius Vest style 9535. The vest simply zips onto the internal secondary zipper for added warmth in colder weather.

Wind and Water Resistant: The 100% Polyester Dobby Shell is wind and water-resistant making it great for outdoor activities or casual wear.

Made from Recycled PET Bottles: If you like to go green for the environment, this jacket is perfect for you! Each coat is made from certified and guaranteed recycled PET bottles.

Compressible Fabric: The jacket can be compressed down to a compact size making it great to fit in your hiking backpack or car trunk to minimize the space it takes up. When you need the jacket, you simply unfold it and you’re ready to go!

Elastic Binding Cuffs: This is one of my personal favorite parts of this jacket. When I reach down to pick something up, the sleeves don’t fall beyond my hand. It’s a personal pet peeve of mine when I have to keep pulling the sleeves back off my hand! Not with this jacket!

Personalization: There is only ONE decoration option for personalizing the Men’s Lithium Quilted Jacket, and that is embroidery.

  • Embroidery: The process of embroidery brings versatility to the decorative goals of having a logo or artwork stand out bold or subtle while increasing the value of the jacket. With literally hundreds of color rich threads to choose from, any design is delivered with a high-quality appearance. This technique allows for a vast array of color schemes and combinations with their decoration services.

Note: In order for us to do the embroidery logo or other artwork, a minimum of 12 pieces are required.

Picking the Right Size
It can be intimidating to order clothing online worrying about proper fit without first trying it on. Having ordered several Charles River Apparel jackets, I put together a helpful resource that can direct you to the right size with confidence. You can click HERE to view the article and size chart for the Charles River Men’s New Englander Rain Jacket.

Charles River Apparel Men’s Lithium Quilted Jacket Size Chart

Similar Jackets
If you’re looking for a companion jacket for your spouse or female employees the Women’s Lithium Quilted Jacket 5640 is designed the same with the exception of more feminine design and an added color option of Grey/ Pink.

Conclusion: I really like this jacket and have been impressed with its lightweight design and ability to keep me warm in the low 20˚ degree temperatures every day this week. I would highly recommend this jacket as either an everyday jacket or adventure jacket for the outdoorsman.