Charles River Apparel Sweatshirts

Charles River Apparel Sweatshirts

Charles River Apparel Sweatshirts

Originally, a sweatshirt was designed to both induce and absorb sweat from the body and transfer it into the garment. These characteristics were intended to help keep the wearer warm, while also helping to keep the person from overheating, both desirable for warming up and cooling down during sporting activities. Sweatshirts typically have long sleeves, are usually made of mostly cotton or a blend of cotton and another fabric such as polyester, may come with a full-zip, quarter-zip, pullover, or even crew neck design, and may even include a hoodie.

As with other apparel items, the sweatshirt style is always a consideration and for that reason, Charles River Apparel sweatshirts include multiple styles that come in various colors for men, women, boys, and girls, with each sweatshirt yielding its own unique look and style for individual preference.

As mentioned previously, Charles River Apparel has designed several different styles of sweatshirts. They fall into the following categories:

Full-Zip Sweatshirts

This will include styles such as Adult Trademan Full-Zip Sweatshirt 9542 and the Adult Thermal Bonded Sherpa Sweatshirt 9149

Charles River Apparel Full-Zip Sweatshirt Styles


Charles River Quarter-Zip Sweatshirts

This will include styles such as the Adult Tradesman Quarter-Zip Sweatshirt style 9753, Adult Crosswind Quarter-Zip Sweatshirt style 9359 and the Adult Crosswind Quarter-Zip Print Sweatshirt 9359S.

Charles River Quarter-Zip Sweatshirts


Charles River Solid Sweatshirts

This will include styles such as the Camden Crew Neck Sweatshirt style 9930. This is one of Charles River newer sweatshirts and has become very popular with individuals who want a modern touch to a classic style. The sweatshirt is designed for both Men and Women.


Charles River Hooded Sweatshirt

This will include styles such as the Adult Hexsport Polykit Sweatshirt style 9987. This is an extremely comfortable sweatshirt that doesn’t have a zipper but does have an attached hoodie to help protect you against the weather. The Sweatshirt is made of 100% Polyester Smooth Jersey Knit that’s bonded to a crushed Microfleece for added comfort. The front pouch has a built-in cellphone.

The Hoodie is available in three different colors, Black, Grey, and navy. Sizes include XXS-3XL.