Charles River Apparel Youth, Children’s and Toddler Rain Jackets

Charles River Apparel Youth, Children’s and Toddler Rain Jackets

Children’s New Englander Rain Jacket 7099Going on adventures beyond your backyard can be a challenge with children- but they can also be extremely rewarding if you are prepared with the right gear. A beautiful hike to a waterfall can quickly become a disaster when the thrill of walking through the misty breeze disappears and they realize how wet and cold they are and you realize how far away from a warm car and change of clothes you are. The right rain jacket can protect them from the elements and make the excitement of the adventure last longer.

The thing about kids and water is- that they can find a wet adventure pretty much anywhere! From a puddle to a neighbor’s sprinkler, my kids are always getting wet outside. When it’s scorching hot outside I don’t mind the water at all, but when there is a chill in the air- their damp clothes can turn smiles into whines quicker than I can grab a change of clothes.

I love the Charles River New Englander jacket for my kids during adventures near and far but especially in the Spring and Fall when the weather changes so quickly and you’re never sure how much to trust the forecast. I am constantly asking my kids to put their jackets back on because I think it’s cold, but they are running and playing so much that they get hot. This jacket is a win-win. It is completely water and windproofs so that I can feel comfortable sending them outside to play for hours longer than would be possible in other clothes. They love it because it is light-weight and doesn’t interfere with their playtime. Additionally, there are vents to allow airflow throughout the jacket so that they don’t want to immediately unzip and toss the jacket aside the second they start breathing hard.

Charles River Aparel Youth New Englander Rain JacketThere are a few features of this jacket that make it our favorite go-to jacket.
First of all, it is comfortable and easy to put on. This may sound obvious but if you have ever dealt with a frustrating zipper, awkward buttons or an impatient child- this is an absolute requirement.

I really like the elastic around the wrist for our kids. We like to get jackets and coats one size big for a couple of reasons. We often layer up and wear sweaters underneath and want to make sure it can layer over what they are wearing that day. Mostly we buy a size up because they grow out of clothes so fast! If we want a jacket to last more than a season or two, we buy a size up. The only thing that can be hard with this is if the sleeves hang over their wrists, but with the elastic wristband it’s not a concern. The sleeves also seem to be the first thing to get dirty on my kids’ coats so being able to keep the sleeves out of the way at the wrist is very helpful.

As a mom, I also really like the reflective strip built in for safety. Often our adventures run later than expected when the kids are having fun and the dark can sneak upon us. The reflective strip just makes me feel more comfortable when we are anywhere with cars.

Toddler New Englander Rain Jacket 6099There is also a uniquely high collar around the neck that reaches all the way to the chin and fitted hoodie to block out wind and rain around their face as they play. The hood does not have a drawstring but instead has an elastic section at the top of the rim to keep the hoodie in place without it interfering with their play. I was honestly really surprised the first time they used this jacket at how well the hood stayed in place without an uncomfortable drawstring around their neck.

Finding a jacket that passes both my standards and my kids’ is exciting so we will definitely be wearing the New Englander everywhere this year!

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