Charles River Classic Striped Pullover Jacket (9908) Overview?

Charles River Unisex Classic Striped Pullover Jacket WhiteThe origin of the common jacket has historical roots from different civilizations dating as far back as ancient Greece. The garment was designed to provide warmth and protection for the body. Its style included material that covered the neck and shoulder area, sleeves that extended to the wrist, a length that went as low as to somewhere between the hips and knees. Sometimes artwork was added to the jacket as a symbol of rank or as an acknowledgment of accomplishment.

The Charles River Classic Striped Pullover Jacket is a stylish lightweight piece of outerwear clothing that is pulled over the head, has a front quarter zipper that allows for openness in front, and is designed to provide protection, comfort, and warmth. The classic “striped” look adds to the jacket’s fashion with a sort of sporty look making it an all-around best seller for decades. This jacket is a combination of characteristics that provides for performance, protection, functionality, and fashion. Its unique design and sporty style makes this jacket extremely popular with organizations, teams and other entities wanting to provide their members with a unity and camaraderie.

Protection & Performance factors of the Charles River Classic Pullover

  1. Constructed with wind and water-resistant 100% River Tec™ Nylon Taffeta to provide protection from wind and rain, keeping you dry and comfortable.
  2. The entire jacket is lined with 100% cotton flannel to provide the wearer with comfort, softness, and warmth.
  3. The front zipper extends above the neck so it can be zipped up higher to provide the neck extra protection against the wind, cold, and even the sun for sensitive skin.
  4. The hood comes with an adjustable shock cord drawstring allowing the wearer to customize the amount of closure around their head and face should the need for more protection from the elements occur.

Charles River Classic Striped Pullover Jacket (9908) For Sale

Functionality factors of the Charles River Classic Pullover

  1. The jacket, because of its lightweight construction materials, packs conveniently into its own pouch pocket for that spur of the moment Pack-N-Go event or well-planned in advance travel experiences where space is of a premium.
  2. Size availability ranges from extra small (XS) to 3 extra-large (3XL).
  3. Elasticized cuffs for a snug fit to keep the sleeve extended the length of the arm, or if desired pulled up and maintained at the new desired level on the forearm.
  4. An adjustable shock cord hem drawstring allows the wearer to cinch the waist level hem to your own desired fit.
  5. Front pocket pouch not only allows you to place your hands for comfort but can serve as a place to carry small items for quick access or storage as the situation demands.

Charles River Classic Striped Pullover Jacket (9908) Size Chart

Fashion factors of the Charles River Pullover

  1. The striped style presents an athletic, rugby inspired styling.
  2. The jacket is available in a dozen different colors. They are
  • Red/White (063)
  • Navy/Orange (039)
  • Royal/White (076)
  • Navy/Red (044)
  • Black/Red (015)
  • White/Orange (480)
  • Navy/White (048)
  • Forest/White (026)
  • Navy/Gold (049)
  • Pink/White (181)
  • White/Navy (224)
  • Black/White (017)
  1. The Classic Striped Pullover also pairs with the Pacer Pant Style 9936 for added fashion.

Charles River Classic Striped Pullover Jacket (9908) Colors

Decoration options for the Charles River Classic Striped Pullover Jacket

There are two decoration options for personalizing the Classic Pullover Jacket; heat transfer and embroidery.

  • Heat transfer: Using the Charles River “PerfectSeal” technology on the nylon fabric ensures that logos/artwork pop with detailed imagery and vibrant colors.
  • Embroidery: The process of embroidery brings versatility to the decorative goals of having your logo or artwork stand out bold or subtle while increasing the value of the jacket. With literally hundreds of color-rich threads to choose from, any design is delivered with high-quality contrasting appearance. This technique allows for a vast array of color schemes and combinations in decoration services.


What are some of the more common types of organizations or entities that choose the Charles River   Classic Striped Pullover Jacket in their marketing campaigns?

  1. Sports teams – high school, junior high school, community teams, recreation, club, etc.
  2. Non-profits
  3. Businesses – large and small
  4. Solo purchases looking for style with their jacket protection


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Charles River Classic Striped Pullover Jacket (9908) Size and Colors