Charles River Men’s New Englander Rain Jacket (9199) Overview

Charles River Men’s New Englander Rain Jacket (9199) Overview

Charles River Mens new englander rain jacketFor centuries men’s clothing was designed primarily for two purposes; to protect the wearer form wind, rain, snow, and cold, and to serve as a symbol of rank or wealth or social status. Of course, as leaders and those of celebrity status would present with new and different styles, those who were their subjects or followers would seek to imitate them in a form of flattery. Even inventions, such as the automobile had an impact on changing styles. The nineteenth century brought dramatic changes to the men’s fashion industry as influenced by numerous factors. Today’s men’s wear will continue to change, but one thing is for sure, the standard principles and purposes for which apparel is created will always be a part of good clothing – protection, versatility, comfort, and yes style.

The Charles River Men’s New Englander Rain Jacket represents a continuation in the innovation and versatility of men’s apparel. This stylish yet durable and functionable piece of outerwear clothing is designed to fit comfortably, provide protection from the elements, allow for freedom of movement and air circulation. This combination of material and design characteristics delivers a rain jacket that provides protection against wind and rain, allows for multiple use settings, alerts others to their presence with high-visibility reflective trims, and projects quality and style. Because of these characteristics, teams and other entities purchase this product to provide their members with comfort and style while projecting a unity and camaraderie of the group.

Protection & Performance factors of the Charles River Men’s New Englander Rain Jacket

  1. Constructed from 100% Polyester Polyurethane with heat-sealed seams to provide wind and waterproof protection from the elements to keep you dry and comfortable.
  2. The jacket is lined with mesh in body and front yoke and underarm to allow air-circulation for comfort and freshness.
  3. A 2-way zipper offers greater freedom of movement and a full-length wind flap enhances protection form wind and rain.
  4. Taffeta nylon sleeves for easy on/off, comfortable fitting hood with adjustable shockcord drawstring, reflective trims on the front, reflective accent on the front and back (only on black, navy, and red colorways), offer additional protection from the elements as well as a high-visibility reflective signal to drivers of your presence.

Functionality factors of the Charles River Men’s New Englander Rain Jacket

  1. Size availability ranges from extra small (XS) to 5 extra-large (5XL).
  2. Hood with an adjustable shockcord drawstring allows you to cinch it around your face or leave it open as different settings and weather may warrant.
  3. Adjustable tab cuffs with convenient and helpful hook and loop closure for customizing the snugness of the sleeves to your forearm.
  4. Covered zippered side pockets offer additional protection from rain, and an ergonomic effective location allows you to place your hands for comfort and style.
  5. An open hem with adjustable shockcord drawstring design allows for a snugger waistline fit if desired.
  6. Front vented capes for breathability and easy decorating access.

Fashion factors of the Charles River Men’s New Englander Rain Jacket

  1. Sleek vertical design for the natural form and shape of a man
  2. Covered zippered side pockets offer additional protection of valuables as well as protection to your hands from the elements while allowing you to place your hands for comfort and style.
  3. The jacket is available in 8 different colors and some with reflective color trim. They are
  • True Navy/Yellow (046)
  • Red (060)
  • Taupe/Navy (139)
  • Black (010)
  • Yellow (150)
  • True Navy/Grey (264)
  • Grey (317)
  • Maroon/Black (031)

Charles River Men’s New Englander Rain Jacket (9199) Banner

  1. This Jacket coordinates with the Women’s New Englander Rain Jacket (5099).
  2. This Jacket coordinates with New Englander Rain Pants (9198).
  3. Is also offered in Youth (8099), Children’s (7099) and Toddler (6099) for a coordinated and fun family affair approach to this outerwear.

To protect the material of this product that is sensitive to fading with prolonged exposure of sunlight it should remain in the polybags until ready to wear or decorate.

Decoration options for the Charles River Men’s New Englander Rain Jacket

There are three decoration options for personalizing the Men’s New Englander Rain Jacket; heat transfer, embroidery, and screen print.

  • Heat transfer: Using the Charles River “PerfectSeal” technology on the nylon fabric of the jacket ensures that logos/artwork pop with detailed imagery and vibrant colors.
  • Embroidery: The process of embroidery brings versatility to the decorative goals of having a logo or artwork stand out bold or subtle while increasing the value of the jacket. With literally hundreds of color rich threads to choose from, any design is delivered with high-quality appearance. This technique allows them to offer a vast array of color schemes and combinations with their decoration services.
  • Screen Print: State of the art inks and multicolor screen and distressed screen-printing techniques allow your logo or design to be vibrantly and qualitatively applied to the jacket for high-quality visual effects and performance in durability.

The PerfectSeal heat transfer minimums are 24 pieces per logo, and the Embroidery and Screen-printing minimums are 12 pieces per logo.

What are some of the more common types of organizations or entities that choose the Charles River   Men’s New Englander Rain Jacket?

  1. Personal wear
  2. Family Reunions
  3. Sports teams – high school, junior high school, community teams, recreation, club, etc.
  4. Non-profits
  5. Businesses – large and small
  6. Solo purchases


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