Charles River Women's New Englander Rain Jacket - Versatile and Stylish

Charles River Women’s New Englander Rain Jacket – Versatile and Stylish

Charles River Apparel New Englander 5099 (Mint)Charles River Women’s New Englander Rain Jacket 5099

I absolutely love a good summer rain that leaves the air smelling like wet grass and puddles. They are best enjoyed cuddled up with a good book or when you are near the convenience of a warm shower and dry shelter when you’re done. However, if a good rainstorm doesn’t land on your day off, even a ten minute drizzle can leave you wet and miserable if you don’t have the right gear.

My favorite thing about the Charles River New Englander Rain Jacket is how versatile it is. This one jacket is perfect for so many occasions. It is a great coat for both casual wear and a wet adventure.

Charles River Rain Jacket Casual WearCasual Wear:

The thing about a short downpour is that it can come out of nowhere- especially in those in-between months in the Spring and Fall. This jacket is perfect for those months of unpredictable weather and nature is still deciding the forecast so the day starts off chilly but pulls out a warm sun by the afternoon. (If you live in an area where this describes most of your months then go ahead and get one in every color). The windproof outer layer completely deflects the chill in the air so that cold bite never gets to you. In the afternoon, the mesh lining with breathable vents makes it feel light and doesn’t trap the unwanted heat.

Because there are so many great colors and styles to choose from, you can find the one that best fits your personality so it fits your wardrobe- not just the weather.
I got this cute mint color because it also comes in girl sizes so I could match my daughter while she still thinks it’s fun to dress like mom. (I’m afraid this coat will outlast that opinion.) However, they have recently come out with some really fun designs. There are currently between 7-14 color options depending upon the slight variations in their style. There are the standard colors, new block colors, striped, floral prints and then plain colors with floral printed lining!
It’s casual enough to grab for a quick trip to the store in jeans but also compliments classy dressy pants.

Charles River Rain Jacket-AdventureWet Adventures:

If you are planning a trip somewhere that you know will be wet or rainy, but don’t want that weather to leave you cold and damp. This jacket is made with high quality material and a smart design to make it your best choice for the rain. There are a lot of features on this jacket that turn it into more than just a fashion statement but can protect you from strong wind and rain.

If the weather gets wet you can make some additional adjustments to seal off the elements. There is a velcro strap around the wrists to tighten them in the exactly right spot to keep your sleeves dry and the wind out. The sleeves are not very fitted so they can fit over a large sweater or hoodie but can be adjusted at the wrists so they never get in the way and block out all water. PICTURE

There is also an adjustable drawstring at the bottom of the coat and around the hood to keep wind or rain from getting where it’s not wanted. The cord around the hood is SO helpful! Not only does it pull the neck piece of the jacket more securely around your neck and chin, but it also holds the hood exactly where you want it. Sometimes you want it held just tight enough to keep your hair dry, but in a downpour on the mountains with a biting wind, it can be tightened right around your face to completely block out the elements. TWO PICTURES

It’s not uncommon for me to work up a sweat on some of our wet adventures whether we are climbing mountains or chasing my toddler through the small stream. There is a perfect amount of ventilation worked into the style of these jackets to allow air flow in but keep rain and wind out.

This is a great jacket no matter where you live to have for all kinds of occasions. You can look good and stay dry going to the office or exploring the ocean.

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