How do the Charles River Pack-N-Go Items Fold into the Pocket?

How do the Charles River Pack-N-Go Items Fold into the Pocket?

Windy Weather - Pack-N-GoTraveling in unpredictable weather can make packing a challenge. The last thing you want is to add a ton of bulk to your bag for a coat you may never use.  The Charles River Pack-N-Go product line packs so easily and compact that being prepared for the weather doesn’t have to add another suitcase. The jackets have a built-in pouch that the entire jacket stuffs into easily. 

Charles River Apparel Women’s Fanny Pack-N-Go 5107 ModelHow do the Charles River Pack-N-Go items fold down?

There are three different kinds of products in the Pack-N-Go line. The line includes jackets, ponchos, and vest. There are also three different placements of the packing pocket. 

The packing pockets are either: 1- built into the pocket on the side, 2- on the front, or 3- on the back. 

1- The option on the side is the least visible option because the packing pocket is simply built into the jacket’s regular pocket. 

2-The packing pocket on the front is located over the stomach; where a pocket naturally falls on a hooded sweatshirt. One of the advantages of this placement is the easily accessible added storage of the pocket while you are wearing it. 

3- The third option puts the packing pocket on the back so it is completely out of the way when you’re wearing it. 

There are two common ways to pack the items into the pouches. 

 You can simply stuff the material little by little into the pocket space, pushing it down as you add more into the pouch. The material does not hold a wrinkle so you don’t have to worry about creases and lines staying on your jacket after stuffing it in. 

The other way to pack it in the pouch is to fold it into the pouch neatly. Start by laying the jacket onto a flat surface and then fold the arms into the chest once or twice as needed until it Is the same width as the pocket space. Start at the end of the jacket that is opposite of the pocket and fold (or roll) it up and then tuck it into the pocket and zip it shut. 

The jacket will fit into the pocket using either method, but folding it will allow more space for the pocket to hold other small objects. It is the perfect size to keep everything in one place such as your wallet or keys. 

Common Questions

1- Are the Jackets Windproof or Wind-Resistant?

The Pack-N-Go Jackets are water and wind-resistant.

2- Are Pack-N-Go pullovers or jackets?

Both! There is a variety of styles available with the Pack- N-Go feature. There are jackets the zip up in the front and also pullover hoodies. 

3- Can I store my jacket in the pocket or does it need to be hung up?

The jackets can be stored in their pocket but it is highly recommended that you let them air out after an adventure mainly to dry out any possible moisture. 

4- What are the best Pack-N-Go jackets?

This is a very common question – We have written an article about this which you can read by clicking HERE!