How to Properly Wash Charles River Apparel Rain Jackets

How to Wash Charles River Apparel Rain Jackets

Playing in the RainMy three kids LOVE to play outside when it rains, especially my little 2-year old girl. However, when it rains, keeping them out of the mud is nearly impossible. On our most recent trip to Teton National Park, my youngest daughter got some dirt on the outer material (Polyurethane), sown seams and inner material (Polyester & Nylon) which needed to be cleaned.

We wanted to ensure that her jacket was kept clean and the fabric integrity was not compromised. So, we called Charles River Apparel directly for their cleaning guidelines and recommendations for their Rain Jackets. Here is what I learned.

  1. For general dirt and mud, Charles River Rain Jackets should be wiped down with a wet cloth or wipe.
  2. Gently wipe the seams using dawn soap and a damp wash cloth or q-tips.
    Note: Do not over scrub the seams to prevent them from coming undone.
  3. For the inner material, wash by hand using dawn dish soap to remove the dirt and stains from the fabric.
  4. Hang/Air dry jacket after washing.
    Note: Do not zip-up the jacket, inner fabric needs to air dry out.

It sounds easy enough to wash a Charles River Rain Jacket. However, there are a few specific questions we have been asked that might help you as well.


Will Bleach Ruin my Charles River Rain Jacket?

Yes. Charles River Apparel specifically mentions not to use bleach when washing the inner or outer shell of the jacket. The bleach will ruin the Polyurethane shell and the colored seams. Additionally, the membrane that enables the jacket to be waterproof will breakdown overtime rendering it ineffective in the rain if it is washed using bleach.


Can I Dry Clean Charles River Rain Jackets?

No. DO NOT dry clean any rain jacket. If you need to wash the jacket, use the steps provided above using dawn dish soap.


Can I iron Charles River Rain Jackets?

No. Hot objects, such as an iron, will destroy the outer polyurethane shell. If stored correctly, Charles River Rain Jackets will never require ironing.


How often do I need to wash my Charles River Rain jacket?

That depends. If you are just wearing it around town from time to time when it rains or on an adventure in the mountains then wiping it down with a wet cloth or wipe is sufficient.
However, if you hiked all over the mountain and got sweaty in the jacket, then it’s best to hand wash the whole jacket before storing it way.


Do I have to wait until my jacket is dry before storing the jacket?

Yes. It is extremely important that the jacket be completely dry before storing it away.


In general, your rain jacket should stay in great condition with just a simple wipe down only as needed. Don’t send it to the dry cleaner or throw it in the laundry and never use bleach, but don’t overthink it. Some simple dish soap, warm water and air drying should do the trick to clean your Charles River rain jacket.