Official Branding Color Combinations for Universities and Colleges

Anyone associated with a college or university knows that it’s important to get the colors right.  Volunteers and Longhorns know that there is a huge difference in the various shades of orange, and they prefer not to have their alumni, fans, or anyone else supporting their schools getting their colors mixed up.

University Official Color Codes for Apparel and Decoration

Most colleges and universities have an official color system that is used to identify their official colors for clothing such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other ways of representing the school through apparel.  The published color systems normally include specific information about how to monogram using screen printing, embroidery, or some other form of decorating and embellishing.  Schools publish these coloring systems so that marketers, activity coordinators, and others who are associated with the school can represent it accurately and match as closely as possible the school’s standard.

To help our customers with the process of matching

There are several different color coding systems used to identify color combinations for most large organizations, including universities and colleges.

Pantone Matching System (PMS) Codes: The PMSystem is a popular color coding system used in various industries to match everything from paint to fabric.

Cyan Magenta Yellow  Key (CMYK): The CMYK system is a subtractive color system used to create colors from a foundation of four distinct colors of ink.

Red Green Blue (RGB): The RGB system is an additive color model used for digital devices and photography

HTML: The HTML color system is used to represent colors on web pages.  The HTML color representation format uses a hexidecimal numbering system to represent colors using the RGB color codes.

Madeira and Robison-Anton: These two color code systems are both used to reference thread colors for embroidery.

Here is one example of this system. The following is published on the Florida State University official marketing communications page.  From this chart

University Official Color Code Combinations