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Charles River Apparel Style 1099 Doggie New Englander Rain Jacket


This stylish and comfortable rainwear for dogs matches Charles River Apparel rainwear for mens, women, youth, and children, so your whole family can go out on a wet day matching and looking stylish.

The Charles River Apparel Style 1099 Doggie New Englander Rain Jacket is available for purchase in your choice of the following colors: 236 Aqua/Reflective, 166 Red/Reflective, 263 True Navy/Reflective, 334 Hot Pink/Reflective, and 210 Black/Reflective.



Charles River Apparel Style 1099 Doggie New Englander Rain Jacket

Charles River Apparel has long been known as a manufacturer of high quality, New England style outerwear for adults and kids. Now, they’ve taken their game to a whole new level with a rainwear for your pet dog. This rain jacket is designed to fit a range of dog breeds and sizes. Whether your family pet is a little fella like a chihuahua or toy poodle, or whether you’ve canine friend is something like a great dane, you should be able find a rain jacket to fit your specific animal comfortably and functionally to enjoy some time outside in the rain.

How To Size Your Dog for Rainwear

To size your dog, please refer to the dog rain jacket sizing chart below. The measurements you’ll take include going around your dog’s neck (just below the chin), measuring the animal’s chest, and taking a measurement of your dog’s length, going from the base of the neck to the start of the tail.

Once you’ve taken measurements for your pet, you can refer to the rain jacket sizing chart to determine which size is best for your dog. Of course, dogs come in all kinds of different sizes and proportions, so you may have to make some decisions about how you want your dog’s rain jacket to fit.

The neck of the 1099 Doggie Rain Jacket is elastic, and the belly strap is made of an adjustable hook and loop (velcro) closer, so there is some flexibility in sizing when you are dressing your pup.

Dog Rainwear Sizing Chart Charles River Apparel 1099


Features of the Doggie 1099 New Englander Rain Jacket:

Let’s take a look at some of the important features of this dog rain jacket. You can refer to the spec sheet image below to get a visual feel for where these specs.

Dog Rainwear Waterproof Jacket Specs - Charles River Apparel 1099

First of all, this dog rain jacket is 100% waterproof and 100% windproof.  This means your animal stays dry and comfortable in bad weather, including when it’s raining or windy outside. The rain jacket was designed with functionality in mind, and the neck of the jacket is made from elastic material that makes it easy to put on your dog, and to get it back off.

The adjustable belly strap means that you can ensure that the rain jacket is secure on your pet while also being comfortable to wear.

There is a back pocket on the rain jacket that can be used for whatever you might need to store on your dog’s “person”, whether it be treats, a leash, or extra bags for picking up after your pet.

In summary, here are the specs:

  • 100% wind and waterproof polyurethane shell fabric
  • Elasticized neck for easy on and off
  • Back pocket and leash opening
  • Adjustable hook and loop waistband for a secure and comfortable fit

Keep your favorite four-legged friend dry in this adorable New Englander® Doggie Rain Jacket. 100% wind and waterproof with an elasticized neck opening for easy on and off, and additional opening for leash access. Don’t forget to pack their favorite treats and doggie bags in the functional back pocket. Best of all the Doggie Rain Jacket is available in a color assortment that matches our best-selling Women’s New Englander® Rain Jacket, Style 5099

If you want the whole family to match in the inclement outdoors, we’ve got it covered for you. The 1099 Doggie Rain Jacket matches all of the following styles:

Available for purchase in your choice of: 166 Red/Reflective, 210 Black/Reflective, 236 Aqua/Reflective, 263 True Navy/Reflective, and 334 Hot Pink/Reflective.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs

Aqua/Reflective, Hot Pink/Reflective, Red/Reflective, Black/Reflective