Rugby Uniforms: High Quality Customized Sublimation Made to Last

Check Out The Best Quality Custom Sublimation Rugby Uniforms Available!

Rugby lovers, get your durable rugby apparel and uniforms here. Like you, these uniforms are made to last! 100% polyester apparel can be printed in unlimited colors and detail.

The ink is part of the material so it doesn’t wear, crack, or peel off the clothing. It lasts as long as the garment. Plus, because the ink is bonded to the fabric on the microscopic level, the garment stays as thin and breathable as it was originally made.

Customize every single inch of your uniform and strike terror into the heart of your opponents.

We use the highest quality fabrics. There are no additional charges for extra colors and no minimum order requirements.

Empower your team!

Our uniforms are ideal for rugby because they withstand brutal wear and tear. They are ideal for sweaty, gritty, in-the-dirt use.

Choose from any of our hundreds of designs or design your own.

Want something unique, but don’t have a design?

Don’t worry, our talented design team can help you out!

We offer Mens, Womens, and Youth rugby uniforms and apparel.

  • Rugby Shirts
  • Rugby Shorts
  • Rugby Jersey
  • Rugby Pants
  • Rugby Jackets
  • Rugby Tanks
  • Rugby Socks
  • Warm up apparel
  • Rugby vests
  • Scrum Shorts

Customize the following features:

  • V-Neck
  • Round Neck
  • Crew Neck
  • 2 Button
  • Short Sleeve, Half Sleeve, Long Sleeve or Sleeveless
  • Adult / Youth / Child
  • Mens / Womens
  • Tall/Large
  • Tall/Thin

Don’t Have a Design- Let Us Create One For You.

If all you have is an idea or an inkling, but no design, Don’t Worry! Our creative team will create a customized hard-core uniform for you. Once you approve it- we’ll send it to our manufacturing plant and get it done. Normal orders take 3-4 weeks, but we can get it to you in as little as 2 weeks from the proof approval.

Don’t forget these perks!

  • No minimum orders or extra charges for small orders
  • Unlimited colors
  • Graphic, vivid detail
  • Photo quality images
  • Unlimited imagination
  • Rush Orders available (in as little as 2-3 weeks)
  • Design Team that’s eager to please
  • Samples available

How To Get Started

Fill out the Request Form: Take a moment and fill out our request form with your general information. Let us know if you have a design or logo you want to be used or if you need help with creating something. We’ll contact you right away and get started

We’ll create a proof and send it to you: We’ll create a design for you or take your existing design and put it into a proof. You’ll get to see exactly what your uniforms and apparel are going to look like. Once its perfect, we will send it to our manufacturing department.

Receive and Wear the Order 3-4 weeks: You should expect to see your order arrive in 3-4 weeks. We do offer rush orders if you are in a bigger hurry. Now you can wear it and love it. (P.S. Send us some photos of your team using our sublimation apparel and get a chance to be featured.)

Rugby Facts:

It is widely believed that the inventor of basketball, Dr. James Naismith, actually invented the game as a way to keep rugby players fit in winter months.

Rugby is believed to have originated with a rebellious schoolboy grabbed the ball during a football game and ran to the opponent’s goal with it. (Football back then was neither like modern soccer or American football. It was, however, closer to soccer than American football.)

Rugby initiated the tradition of singing the national anthem before a sporting event. In 1905, the Welsh team spontaneously responded to New Zealand’s Hakas by singing their national anthem. The crowd caught fire and sang along. A new tradition was born.

Rugby balls are oval because they were originally fashioned after pig bladders. Richard Lindon hand stitched them together and his wife blew them up. Sadly, she eventually fell ill to lung disease from breathing too many diseased bladders.

Not a single team who has won the Rugby world cup one year has managed to retain it the next world cup!

Did you know that Rugby Union is the national sport of Madagascar?

We hope you enjoyed these facts. Now, let’s get you some awesome rugby apparel!