What are the different Charles River Collections?

What are the different Charles River Collections?

Charles River has been making high-quality apparel for Men, Women, and Youth for years. Their product line consists of a variety of products that range from t-shirts (tee) to a winter parka for colder climates.

Most of Charles River Apparel products fall under one of their signature “Collections” categories. There are 7 different collections.

Charles River Collections:

  • New Englander
  • Packable Styles
  • Newport
  • Extended Sizes
  • Camden
  • Seaport
  • Heathered Fleece

Let’s take a look at each of the different collections individually and the different types of styles in each.


Charles River New Englander Collection

The New Englander collection is their line of rain jackets. Made from 100% Polyester Polyurethane making the jacket’s wind and waterproof. There are several different colors and patterns available for Men, Women, Youth (Teens to Toddlers). The jacket has an internal mesh material for added comfort and breathability.

Each jacket has an added safety strip along the back and front (depends on the style) for better visibility in the dark/rain.

For individuals who want to personalize the jacket with their logo, artwork or name (monogram) they have the option of doing so in either Embroidery, Screen Print or Heat Transfer.

The most popular New Englander styles are:
1- Men’s New Englander Rain Jacket 9199
Women’s New Englander Rain Jacket 5099
Girls New Englander Rain Jacket 4099
Youth New Englander Rain Jacket 8099
Children’s New Englander Rain Jacket 7099
Toddler New Englander Rain Jacket 6099



Charles River Packable Styles Collection

If you’re looking for a lightweight jacket or pullover to take with you on the go, store in your car or backpack, then one of Charles River Packable styles is a great option. They are available in quarter-zip, pullover, full zip or vest styles.

There are styles and sizes available for Men, Women and Youth. The one thing they all have in common is the ability to fold or pack down into a lightweight/portable size. In fact, the Women’s Fanny Pack-N-Go 5107 packs into its own pouch or “fanny pack”.

If you are looking for a jacket that is lightweight, portable and WARM than I would suggest the Lithium Quilted Jacket (Men’s = 9540/ Women’s = 5640). The Jacket features an active weather rating of 3 degrees Fare height. The jacket is designed with an added zipper so that you can zip on the Radius Vest (Men’s = 9535/ Women’s = 5535).

Charles River Women’s Lithium Quilted Jacket (5640) Overview banner


Charles River Newport Collection

The Newport Collection consists of a softer fleece jacket. It is designed to be worn as either a middle/under layer or even as a top layer, depending on the weather. With a variety of colors and styles, there’s something for everyone.

The most popular New Port style is the Women’s  Newport Full Zip Fleece Jacket 5978. The jacket is made from 100% Polyester UNI-Soft Fleece that has been bonded to brushed Fleece for added comfort and style. It’s a great jacket for year-round layering options. The jacket is only available in two different colors: Grey and Navy.



Charles River Extended Sizes Collection

Charles River Apparel makes several different apparel styles that are available in larger sizes (4XL and 5XL). This is not to say that they are designed for only these sizes nor are they a style exclusive to this collection. Each of these styles is available in sizes from XS – 5XL and is often found in other Charles River “collections”.

For example, The Men’s New Englander 9199 is available in sizes XS – 5XL and is from the New Englander Collection. Additionally, the Adult Pack-N-Go Pullover 9904 is from the Pack-N-Go collection and is available in sizes XS-5XL.

These extended sizes are only available for Men and Women. The largest size for Charles River Youth Apparel is XL.



Charles River Camden Collection

There are only three different styles within the Camden Collection. They are:

  • Adult Camden Full-Zip Hoodie 9037 (Unisex)
  • Camden Crew Crop 9031 (Women’s)
  • Camden Crew Neck Sweatshirt 9930 (Men’s)

Each of these styles is designed in a sweatshirt style. They are both comfortable and stylish. The most popular style is the Adult Camden Full-Zip Hoodie 9037 (Unisex).

The hoodie is available in three different colors (Denim, Dusty Lilac, and Vintage Black) as well as sizes XXS-3XL.

Charles River Adult (Unisex) Camden Full Zip Hoodie (9037)


Charles River Seaport Collection

The Seaport collection is a newer collection. The hoodies and jackets are designed as a top layer. Made with Charles River Apparel’s high-performance CFlex Fabric, they have a 4-way stretch construction for a more comfortable fit and a greater range of motion for an active user.

There are only five styles in this collection with the Adult Seaport Quarter-Zip Hoodie 9068 being the most popular. Designed for both men and women. Color options include Navy/Grey, Black, Black/Grey, and Grey/Black. Additionally, the hoodie is in the “Extended Collection” because the available sizes include XXS – 4XL.

Charles River Adult Seaport Quarter Zip Hoodie - 9068


Charles River Heathered Fleece Collection

The Heathered Fleece collection is made up of a variety of Fleece jackets and vests where the fabric has been yarn-dyed and/or brushed on the inside of the fleece to produce a heathered appearance and a more comfortable feel.

These fleece jackets are a great option for multi-seasonal layering/transitional piece. With over a dozen different styles and even more colors – you’re sure to find your style here.

The most popular heathered fleece is the Men’s Heathered Fleece Pullover 9312. Made from 100% Polyester Sweater Fleece brushed on the inside and yarn-dyed to produce the heathered appearance. This quarter-zip fleece is available in four different colors (Charcoal Heather, Navy/Heather, Oatmeal Heather, and Light Grey Heather. Sizes include XS-3XL.