What is the difference between a three piece hood and a two piece hood?

What is the difference between a three piece hood and a two piece hood?

The other day, my wife commented on how she didn’t like the hood on her jacket. She was surprised when I told her that it’s because it was a two-piece hood and not a three-piece hood.

I had her try Charles River Apparel coat that was designed with a three-piece hood for comparison and she loved it. Now whenever she is shopping for a hoodie or jacket, she looks to see if the hood is designed with two or three pieces.

In case you haven’t heard of these two types of hoods either, the difference is as follows:

Two-piece hoods are made with two pieces of fabric. The seam is usually located along the center top of the hood. The three-piece hoods have three pieces of fabric sewn together with two seams. The extra fabric piece and seam make the hood more form-fitting, comfortable and helps it stay in place better.

Most people aren’t aware of the different designs in the hoods but you may be surprised what a difference it can make. Three pieces make the hood so much more effective.

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Two-Piece Hoods

You’ll find that most casual wear or athletic-designed hoods such as the ones High Schools often buy for their sports teams are designed with a two-piece hoods. This is because they are cheaper to produce due to the fact of less fabric and seams. The

The Seam
The two-piece hood will usually have the seam located at the center back of the hood, starting at the base of the neck and coming up towards the top of the head. This simple design saves on fabric and time to produce the hood.

Three-Piece Hoods

These hoods are more commonly found on higher-end hoodies, jackets, and coats. The seams run from the back of the neck all the way to the front of the hood and are located on either side of what would be a centerline.

The Seam
With the seams running the whole way and the added fabric (three-piece) the hood is more form-fitting. As a result, the hood will be much more comfortable and stay on your head better than the two-piece design.


Are all casual hoodies designed with a two-piece hood?

No. Some companies are designing casual sweatshirts and hoodies with a three-piece design. However, these hoodies are more likely to be a higher-end, recognizable brand and frequently cost more than your average hoodie.

Are hoodies the only apparel that are designed with a three-piece hood?
No.  Some jackets and even coats have a three-piece design. For example, Charles River Apparel Rain Jackets are designed with a three-piece design. If you’re looking for a winter coat that has a three-piece hood design I would suggest the Women’s Journey Parka 5762 or the Men’s Journey Parka 9762.

Are there kids hoodies or jackets that are designed with a three-piece hood?

Yes. The Charles River Apparel Toddler 6099, Children’s 7099 and the Youth 8099 jackets have hoods that are designed with a three-piece hood.

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