Custom Sublimated Basketball Uniforms

If you’re ready to make your basketball team look as at least as good as they play, you’ve come to the right place.

Use our FreeStyle Sublimation tool to design your own custom sublimated basketball uniforms, and your team’s look will be unique and professional, wearing material that is comfortable and highly functional. has partnered with one of the most experienced brands in custom sublimated sports apparel, Augusta Sportswear, to make it easier for basketball teams to create uniforms that exactly fit their style.


Create Your Own Basketball Uniform Design

Create your own basketball uniform design for men’s teams, women’s teams, and youth teams. Our custom basketball uniforms can be coordinated for basketball programs who want to match uniforms among teams of differing ages and genders.

Men's Uniforms

Men's Custom Sublimated Basketball Jersey

Women's Uniforms

Women's Custom Sublimated Basketball Jersey

Youth Uniforms

Youth Custom Sublimated Basketball Jersey

How Does It Work?

1: Select Design

Custom Sublimated Basketball Uniform Designs

Each of our unique basketball jersey and shorts styles comes with at least 12 different design (pattern) choices. Some have as many as 25 design options.

2: Choose Colors

Color Choices for Custom Sublimated Basketball Uniforms

Once you’ve picked your uniform design, you can then choose which colors to use for the different elements of the design patterns. We have 37 different color options to choose from.

3: Customize Your Text and Logo

Add Custom Text to Basketball Uniform Design

You can further customize how your basketball uniform will look by adding or editing the text that will show up on the jersey, including choosing the location, size and font for things like the players’ last names and numbers.

If you have a custom logo for your team, you can upload that to be used on the uniform. Or, you can select from one of the collection of popular basketball team logos we have in our collection.

4: Add Your Team Roster

Add Roster Custom Basketball Uniforms

Once you’ve got your uniform design put together, including having chosen a design, color options, and placement and style of the text and logos that will go on your uniforms, you’re ready to enter your team information.

The Roster section of the FreeStyle Sublimation basketball uniform design tool allows you to do that. You’ll enter your player numbers and last names, and you’ll choose a size and quantity you want for each player.

If you have this information in a spreadsheet, you can upload your roster and populate the roster that way instead of having to input everything manually.

5: Review Your Order

Review Your Custom Basketball Uniform Order

After you’ve created your own uniform design and entered your player roster, you will then review your order. This gives you the chance to take another look at how the uniforms will look when they’re finished as well as to double-check your roster information as you scan over your sharp-looking new uniforms. It is a good idea at this point to ensure that player names, numbers, and sizes are accurate.

Once you’ve reviewed your order, you can submit the order to us. We will be notified that your order is in the queue, and we will contact you to confirm everything before sending it over to the production team to get started on your new custom sublimated basketball uniforms.

What About the Matching Basketball Shorts?

A custom basketball uniform isn’t complete without some matching shorts, right?


Our FreeStyle Sublimation uniform design tool will ask you if you want to add matching bottoms to your order as you go through the design process. If you choose “Yes”, you are then given the chance to design your uniform bottoms similar to what you did to design your jersey, including adding text information (usually player number) or a logo to the leg or back of the basketball shorts. 

Again, in designing the matching basketball shorts for your uniform, you are given several different options for fonts, the location of your personalization, and color options.

Custom Basketball Uniform Shorts
Custom Sublimated Basketball Shorts Design

Below you’ll find our FreeStyle Sublimation designer tool. Using the tool, you can design your own custom basketball uniforms and enter your team information. Once you’re finished designing your uniforms, we will receive your completed design, after which we will contact you to confirm your order. Once we’ve confirmed your order, our production team will go to work creating your new basketball uniforms using the latest in sublimation technology.

Our FreeStyle Sublimaiton designer tool allows you to:

  • Select the style of uniform you want to start with, including choosing the uniform material and the design pattern
  • Choose colors for your custom uniforms, selecting from 37 different color options that are sure have ones that match your team’s colors
  • Add your team logo and choose its placement on the uniform
  • Add text to your basketball jersey or shorts in designated locations, allowing you to designate player names and numbers
  • Add your specific player information, including names and numbers, to the designated text areas of the jerseys and shorts
  • Choose sizes for each of the players on your team
If you need help using our FreeStyle Sublimation designer, please let us know. We can walk you through it, or we can do it for you based upon everything from a mock-up you have or a description of how you’d like your basketball uniforms to look.


We also have some FAQs and other helpful information below the designer tool, so if you have questions now, feel free to scroll down to that section of this page.

FreeStyle Sublimation Basketball Uniform Designer

The video below walks you through how the FreeStyle Sublimation designer works.

FreeStyle Sublimation FAQs

What's the big deal with sublimation for basketball uniforms?

The reason why sublimation is so popular for basketball and other types of uniforms is because the design is built directly into the fabric. This allows for much more creative designs to be used, giving a lot more life and variety to the uniform compared with traditional blocky styles of fabric sewn together.

Also, fabrics used in sublimation tend to be lightweight and highly functional, including having sweat wicking properties that make them extra comfortable for athletes.

When sublimation is used, the personalization aspects of the uniform don’t fade, crack, or peel as they tend to do when a basketball uniform is decorated after it has been manufactured, as is the case with uniforms that are purchased from existing inventory and then customized for a team.

Can I get a sample of the uniform before purchasing?

You can purchase a sample of a sublimated basketball uniform before making your purchase. A sample allows you to see the cut and style of the jerseys or shorts you’re considering ordering, and also lets you get a feel for the material and coloring.

A mockup of your team’s uniforms is also provided for your approval before production begins on your team’s uniforms.

Are there any brands associated with your custom sublimated uniforms?

Our custom sublimated basketball uniforms are made by two major brands in the sports apparel industry: Holloway and Russell.

These two brands are two of the most recognized in the sportswear industry. They are now sibling brands under the Augusta Sportswear umbrella.

The Holloway and Russell brands have patents on technical materials and processes that are used in creating the custom sublimated basketball uniforms you see available in the FreeStyle Sublimation uniform design tool on this page.

Do you have custom sublimated uniforms that are reversible?


Reversible custom basketball uniforms are super popular. We have several styles of both basketball jerseys and basketball shorts that are reversible, so you can get four different looks out of the same uniform. 

The material used to create these sublimated uniforms is also lightweight and functional, so having two uniforms built into one won’t feel heavy or negatively affect your team’s ability to get up and down the court quickly.

When you’re looking through the FreeStyle Sublimation design tool to create your basketball uniforms, simply choose one of the styles that says “Reversible” on it. The matching reversible pants are paired with the tops that match them as you go through the design process.

Basketball League Compliance

Do these uniforms meet AAU requirements?

Yes. These uniforms meet AAU requirements…unless you get too crazy with your design and go outside the organization’s requirements.

The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) and other youth sports programs have requirements for uniforms worn by basketball teams participating in the games and tournaments they sponsor.

The AAU requirements for basketball uniforms are fairly simple:

  • Players’ numbers must be placed on both the front and the back of their jerseys
  • Allowable numbers include 0 and 00 through 99
  • Minimum size for jersey numbers: 2 inches on the front and 4 inches on the back
Also, it is expected that teams have a light and dark version of their uniforms. The home team typically wears lighter colored jerseys, and the visiting team wears darker colored jerseys.
Fun fact: If you violate the AAU basketball uniform requirements, the other team gets to shoot two technical foul shots for each illegal jersey that is used in a game.

Do these uniforms meet NFHS and NCAA requirements?

Yes, these uniforms also meet the requirements of the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)…unless you design them not to.

For your reference, here are the official requirements from the handbook of the NCAA.

NFHS and NCAA Basketball Uniforms Official Requirements


What sizes do these basketball uniforms come in?

Our FreeStyle Sublimation basketball uniforms are sized for Adults (Men), Women, and Youth. In creating these uniforms,  Refer to the sizing chart below for sizing information.

Sizing for the three different categories (adult, women, youth) are as follows:

  • Adult: Small through 4XL
  • Women: XS through 2XL
  • Youth: XS through XL

Do You Have a Sizing Chart for Your Uniforms?

Of course! We have sizing charts that correspond to each of our men’s, women’s, and youth style custom basketball jerseys and shorts.

During the process of designing your own uniforms, on the page where you input your roster, you’ll see a link that says “Details”. If you click that link, you’ll be taken to a page that gives you an overview of the product you’re designing. At the bottom of that page, you’ll see a link for “Style Measurements”. Clicking on the “Style Measurements” page will bring up the sizing chart for that particular item. The sizing chart for each basketball jersey or short option will look like the image below, with the measurements available for each size in both inches and centimeters

Sizing for Basketball Jerseys: measurements are taken for chest width and body length from the high point of the shoulder.

Sizing for Basketball Shorts: measurements are teken for waist size, hip (8 inches from the top of the waist), and inseam.

Need help with sizing?

If you need help with sizing your team, including finding sizing charts for a specific basketball jersey or shorts, please let us know.

Sample Basketball Jersey Sizing Chart
Custom Basketball Uniform Style Measurements Sizing Chart
Sample Basketball Shorts Sizing Chart
Custom Basketball Shorts Style Measurements Sizing Chart s

Delivery Time Frame

How Long Does It Take to Have My Custom Uniforms Delivered?

It is a good idea to give yourself at least three weeks for delivery of your new custom basketball uniforms. Some of the uniforms have lead times as short as 10 business days from when the artwork is approved. After you complete your uniform design and submit it to us, there is a 3-5 day lead time for artwork to be generated and sent to you for approval.

Do You Offer Rush Deliveries?

There is a rush option available you can choose during the design process when you’re adding your roster to the design. This rush option reduces the lead time by 5 days, but also adds an additional $10 to each piece of the order.

Under certain circumstances, we may be able to expedite completion and delivery of your uniform order beyond what the design rush fee offers. Please contact us about having a custom uniform order rushed. Rush fees apply.

Another alternative to doing a rush order for your basketball uniforms might be to choose a stock basketball uniform style and have us customize it for you using something other than sublimation, including screen printing or heat press for logos and personalization.