Custom Manufactured Clothing and Apparel

If you are in the business of outfitting people, teams, or organizations, here’s something you should know… has had an ongoing exclusive partnership with an apparel factory in China, and we make custom clothing for our customers.  That means factory direct pricing for you. And the quality is the best you can get.

Custom Made Clothing Designed and Manufactured in China

When we say custom clothing, we’re not talking about simply slapping a logo on a plain old shirt that everyone else is already wearing, although we can certainly do that too if that’s what you want.

When we talk about custom clothing, we mean that if you have even as much as a clothing design concept, we can have you wearing the realization of your idea in a matter of weeks, and in some cases even in less than a week.  Our custom apparel projects start as basic as cutting and sewing fabric and include sublimation printing and other forms of decoration.

Customized Cycling Jerseys from

For more than 10 years, we have been making everything from promotional items for ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) dealers to sponsored jerseys for cycling races and other events. We can fulfill orders as small as one or two pieces and up to thousands of clothing items in one order. We even have the capability of becoming a manufacturing partner for your clothing company.

If you’re nervous about having a custom apparel project done overseas, don’t even worry about it.  We take care of the logistics and simplify the process for you.

Pricing for Custom Clothing

The price you pay is obviously dependent up a couple of things:

  • The type of material you want to have us use to make your custom clothing
  • The complexity of the design you’d like us use for your custom clothing
  • The quantity of clothing items you order.  Larger quantities mean lower costs per item.

In general, prices vary from about $5.00 per item for large quantities of simpler designs up to $50 per item for more complicated clothing designs manufactured with highly technical material.

Customized Race Jersey for Promotional Advertising - ASI Supplier

One thing we can guarantee you is that you can’t beat our combination of price and quality. In fact, our pricing could be considered wholesale since it’s usually 30-50% cheaper than retail prices. Many of our customers actually resell the apparel they purchase from us.

Contact us at (385) 200-0291 to learn about our custom clothing program and learn how we can manufacture exactly what you want for the price you need.