Sublimation Football Uniforms: Quality Custom Apparel

High-Quality Football Uniforms! 

 Football lovers, get your durable football uniforms here! Like you, these uniforms are tough and resistant. 100% polyester uniforms are completely customizable. Every square inch of the uniform can be printed with clear, vivid colors and graphics.

Create dramatic, vivid designs that cause terror into the hearts of your opponents! Our sublimation prints are permanent. We use a high-quality printer to fuse the ink and the fibers of the materials on the molecular level. That means that you will never have your design peel, crack, or wear off the clothing.

The design lasts as long as the fabric!

Sublimation provides everything you want for Football Uniforms!

It’s perfect for nitty-gritty and in-the-dirt-and-the-sweat use.

Sublimation is ideal for football apparel and uniforms because of the permanent nature of the ink. Our sublimation provides photo-quality and high definition graphics. Plus the material stays as thin as the original fabric. It stays just as breathable as before!

We can print uniforms in as many colors as you’d like without additional charge! Plus we don’t have a minimum order requirement.

The sky’s the limit!

You can order a single item of clothing! Order a singlet for a new player or a replacement uniform.

Employer your team with one of our uniforms.

We offer Mens, Womens, and Youth Football uniforms and apparel.

Football lover instead of a football player? We can still help you out! We can print apparel of your favorite team.

We offer the following apparel:

  • Football Uniforms
  • Football Jerseys
  • Football Vests
  • Football Pants
  • Football Shirts
  • Football Socks
  • Warm Up Apparel
  • Pullovers
  • Hoodies

Customize the following features (not all inclusive)

  • V-Neck
  • Round Neck
  • Crew Neck
  • 2 Button
  • Short Sleeve, Half Sleeve, Long Sleeve or Sleeveless
  • Adult / Youth / Child
  • Mens / Womens
  • Tall/Large
  • Tall/Thin
  • Options unlimited

Want something unique but, but don’t have a design?
Don’t worry! Our innovative team can help you!

We’ll create a template and send a proof to you for approval.

Once you approve it, we will send the design to our manufacturing plant. Normal orders take 3-4 weeks from approval. We can also do rush orders in as little as 2 weeks from approval.

Don’t forget these perks!

  • No minimum orders or extra charges for small orders
  • Unlimited colors
  • Graphic, vivid detail
  • Photo quality images
  • Unlimited imagination
  • Rush orders available
  • A design team that’s eager to please
  • Samples available

How To Get Started

Fill out the Request Form: Take a moment and fill out our request form with your general information. Let us know if you have a design or logo you want to be used or if you need help with creating something special. We’ll contact you right away and get started.

We’ll Create a Proof and send it to you. We’ll create a design for you or take your existing design and put it into a proof. You’ll get to see exactly what your football uniforms and apparel are going to look like. Once it’s perfect, we will send it to our manufacturing department.

Receive and wear the order 3-4 weeks.  You should expect to see your order arrive in 3-4 weeks. We do offer rush orders if you are in a bigger hurry. Now you can wear it and love it! (P.S. Send us some photos of your team using our sublimation football apparel and get a chance to be featured!)

Prefer to email or call? You can also contact us by calling us at (385) 200-0291. (Our phone has message capabilities if you’d prefer to text us)

You can email us at

You can also reach out to us vía Facebook

Fascinating Football Facts (you probably didn’t know)

  • Football was originally rugby until 1882. At that time new rules were established for each game.
  • Back then, kickers got more respect. Originally touchdowns were only worth 4 points while field goals were worth 5.
  • Teddy Roosevelt threatened to ban football until new rules were established that ensured player safety. Those new rules allowed for the forward pass (previously banned).
  • The huddle was invented by Paul Hubbard, who was deaf. He introduced it because he was afraid the other team would interpret his hand signals.
  • A football’s technical shape is  “prolate spheroid”
  • In all other countries besides the United States and Canada, football refers to soccer. Football is called “American Football” in those countries.
  • The most watched sporting event in the United States is the Super Bowl
  • It takes 600 cows to make one season’s worth of NFL footballs