Florida State University Seminoles Official Pantone Color Codes

FSU Seminole Color Combinations and Pantone Codes

The FSU Seminoles official color combinations include the distinguishing garnet and gold colors along with neutral colors of black and white.

The following color code chart, published on Florida State University’s official communications web page, can be used by marketers, advertisers, screen printers, embroiderers, activity planners, and others who are concerned about visually identifying with the Seminoles.

FSU Garnet Color

PMS Code (Spot Printing): 195 C
CMYK (4c Printing): 19/90/50/55
R/G/B (Video): 120/47/64
HTML (Web): 782F40
Madeira (Embroidery): 1385
Robison-Anton (Embroidery): 2496

FSU Gold Color

PMS Code (Spot Printing): 7502 C
CMYK (4c Printing): 6/14/39/8
R/G/B (Video): 206/184/136
HTML (Web): CEB888
Madeira (Embroidery): (1305)
Robison-Anton (Embroidery): (2570)

FSU Black Color

PMS Code (Spot Printing): Pantone Process Black C
CMYK (4c Printing): 0/0/0/100
R/G/B (Video): 44/42/41
HTML (Web): 2C2A29
Madeira (Embroidery): 1000
Robison-Anton (Embroidery): 2296

FSU White Color

PMS Code (Spot Printing): no ink
CMYK (4c Printing): 0/0/0/0
R/G/B (Video): 255/255/255
Madeira (Embroidery): 1002
Robison-Anton (Embroidery): 2297

Florida State University Seminoles Official Color Code Combinations

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